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Install xampp in ubuntu

Xampp is an application that helps to run local server in your computer.It is a tedious method to install Apache web server add MYSQL, php, perl and other application. There xampp has all the stuff in one package. Therefore xampp make it easy to install all these package from a single application. Xampp is available for all the format including windows , mac and solaris. In compare to windows and mac the installation of xampp is a bit complicated in linux. If you are searching for lampp. you are in right place because xampp is previously called lampp. To begin the installation download xampp from official website. or download via terminal.


After downloading place the file in desktop. Don't extract the file. Put as you have downloaded it.

Step1: login into root directory

To install the xampp you have to log in into the root directory to log into root directory run the following command into terminal one by one

cd Desktop
(Make sure the initial letter of Desktop is capital)
sudo -s

Xampp Ubuntu

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Unlock the Administrator Account in windows 7

By default, the administrator account is disabled in windows systems and cannot be used to login. 
To unlock the administrator in Windows 7, go to Start –> then right-click on ‘Computer’ and select ‘Manage
Unlock the Administrator Account 1


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