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How to solve Unable to lock the administration directory /var/lib/dpkg/ in Ubuntu

You may have frequently encountered this while trying to install the software from the Ubuntu terminal. It means, that you are already installing the another software through Ubuntu software center or Synaptic Manager. You can install more than one software at a same time.
So, finish for the installation of one software and continue with the other one. But, however if the synaptic manager crashed or you cancel the software installation the process still can be locked. The solution is killing the process and continuing with installing the software. Here’s how you kill the process:
To kill the process, Open terminal and paste following command:
sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock

kill lock process

Press “Y” to kill the process.

Again, use this command to configure and unpack the packages:

sudo dpkg configure -a

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Install and uninstall NVIDIA driver in ubuntu

Install NVIDIA Driver
First you need to install the linux kernel headers:
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic
Then you will need to run dkms to remove the old nvidia kernel module:
sudo dkms remove nvidia
Then run:
sudo apt-get install nvidia-current

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How to retrieve data from database using AJAX in PHP


To download code – Click Here

To retrieve data from MYSQL or any database using AJAX, you need to do the following steps

Step 1

Create a database db_test and add one table named test with the following fields





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