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How to delete DIV dynamically using JQuery

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To delete or modify HTML contents we need to use JQuery or any other similar scripting methods.

In this example there are 3 DIV's and it can be deleted dynamically. When we click on the [ X ] button the corresponding DIV was deleted and also it send a POST request to delete.php so we can also delete the corresponding user from the database.

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Auto Complete Text box using AJAX in PHP


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How to change mysql database or table collation


You can use the ALTER TABLE/DATABASE SQL statements to convert your data.
To set the default character set for a database, use the following statement.
ALTER DATABASE <database_name> CHARACTER SET utf8;
This does not affect any existing tables, but any future tables created in this database will use utf8 by default.
How to change mysql database- table collation
For each table you want to convert to utf8, use the following statement.
This will automatically convert all text columns to utf8.

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