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Fix Ubuntu 11.04 Won’t Boot After Restart

After installing Ubuntu 11.04 in a Core 2 Duo Lenovo laptop with Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset. If the Ubuntu 10.10 worked in flawlessly. But that was not the case when installed the latest Ubuntu. Though installation went smooth, Ubuntu 11.04 just won't boot after restart and instead a blank screen appears with a blinking cursor. This problem can be fixed by doing the following steps.

Step 1

Switch on your laptop and choose 'recovery mode' from GRUB(usually the second option). From the recovery mode prompt, choose 'failsafeX' option.
Choosing failsafeX mode will run your OS in safe graphics mode and you will be able to access classic GNOME desktop now.

Step 2

Open Terminal and do the following then(give password when prompted).
sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
Text Editor window will open up. 

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How to change permission to a folder and all of its subfolders in Linux Ubuntu Terminal


CHMOD uses several options and the -R option changes permission to folder and its subfolders.
chmod <permissionsettings> <dirname>
To change permission we normally use chmod command and it change permission to the current file or directory only.
chmod 1

To change permission to a folder and all of its subfolders use -R option.
chmod -R <permissionsettings> <dirname>

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