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How to install LAMP in ubuntu


Open terminal or press Ctrl + Alt +T and type the following command
sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

lamp 2

When you search for the name of the package that the given command seems to install cannot be found using apt-cache search. e.g. You will see this used most often when someone tells you how to install LAMP server setup (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) by using the command “sudo apt-get install lamp-server^”. If you miss the caret at the end or try to search for lamp-server, it just doesn’t work.

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Hacking Website Database with SQLmap in Backtrack 5 or Linux OS

All we needed is a vulnerability webpage. Lets say you have a url like this

and that it is prone to sql injection because the developer of that site did not properly escape the parameter id.

This can be simply tested by trying to open the url'

We just added a single quote in the parameter. If this url throws an error then it is clear that the database has reacted with an error because it got an unexpected single quote..

To understand the process please change video quality to 1080p and watch in HD Quality

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Test and Boot an ISO Image Using Virtual Machine


To test an ISO image without burning to a disc using Oracle VirtualBox or VMWare Workstation. Of course, you can use any of the other virtual machine software to get a similar result. I also have Virtual PC installed and it too does a good job of mounting ISO images for testing, but for this article VirtualBox is used because it’s freely available to run on all Windows and Unix systems.
Simply follow the steps to load an ISO image into VirtualBox:
Step 1
Download and install VirtualBox.
Step 2
Run VirtualBox.

Boot an ISO Image Using Virtual Box 1

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