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View, delete and download mediafire folder contents from our website

Mediafire controls are used for extending storage capacity of any website, we can buy one mediafire account and include all mediafire controls in our website so that the data storage problem can be easily rectified.

To include mediafire controls in our website, we should know about mediafire REST API —> Please read the Mediafire REST API Documentation from mediafire website or Click Here

Once you are familiar in Mediafire REST API then you can perform all the actions that can be done by using mediafire are also done from your own website.

For Adding this control into your website do the following steps

Step 1

Create an account in mediafire —>

Step 2

Go to My Account and click Developers link


goto —>


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Display Latitude and Longitude value of a location from google map

To download source code click the link below

Download source code – Click Here

To display latitude and longitude value of a location please enter the location in the textbox and click get Geographic data! button.

In the example am using Kanjirappally as the default location, you can get your own locations details by typing the required location in the textbox.

To download source code click the link below

Download source code – Click Here

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How to include google map with dynamic locations in our website

In this example am adding google map source, destination manually. This also can be performed in the dynamic way by typing the source location and destination location in the textbox and click display locations button.


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