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HTML form validation using JavaScript

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Step 1

Create one HTML file named index.html and paste the following code and save it.

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Ajax – Jquery Auto Refreshing DIV

The following demo example display server timestamp on every 2 second. You can easily edit the code and display any database content.
You have a div that you would like to be up to date on your website without having the page refresh event, this problem can be solved by using the following script. Let’s say that you want to show the total number of rows in a particular table on every 3 second without performing a page refresh event. Then do the following steps
Step 1 – Load ajax Script
<script src=""></script>
This script load ajax script remotely.

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A simple Java Script Date Picker Function


A simple and effective date picker can be created using the following java script codes.


To download code – Click Here

Step 1

Create an index.html file and paste the following codes.