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How to solve malayalam or any other font display error in wordpress

If your wordpress site don't show malayalam or any other fonts then no need to worry. It is a simple problem in your database.


Post title and post content accepts malayalam font and when you publish the post then it displays only ???????? characters.

Before publishing : After pasting malayalam texts in title and content page, It looks like below

malayalam font display error in wordpress 1

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How to fix links not working error after moving server files in WordPress

If the home page showed up just fine, but posts and inside pages all went right to File Not Found 404 pages. Then do the following steps

Step 1
Login as administrator and goto Dashboard.
Step 2
Go to Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks and simply clicked “Save Changes".
No need to change anything. Just click the save changes button then wordpress remove the errors automatically .
Reload your wordpress site and check the links. 

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How to backup wordpress site

Method 1

The simple and easy way to backup your wordpress site is to download and install “BackUpWordPress” pluggin.  By using this pluggin you can backup database as well as files.

Backup Files

After installing and activating the pluggin you can open “BackUpWordPress” pluggin by Tools –> Backups.You can change the settings and save.

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