Chapter 4 – Python String Operations Part 1

Step 1
Open any text editor (gedit,pico,vi,nano) then enter the following python script and save the file with .py extension.
#Author : Jijo K Jose
print "\n————————————\nChapter 4 – String 1\n————————————\n"
a = raw_input("Enter any string : ")
print "%s contains %d character" %(a,len(a))
print "\nLast character of %s is : %s" %(a,a[len(a)-1])
print "\nFirst 3 characters are : %s" %(a[0:3])
print "\nEach Characters are…"
for ch in a:
print ch
b = raw_input("\nEnter second string : ")
if a==b:
print "\nStrings are equal"
print "\nStrings are not equal"
print "\n————————————\n"

Step 2
Change file permission to executable using chmod command.
Step 3
Execute the python file.

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